Jundishapur Journal of Health Sciences : 2011, Volume3, Issue1, Sep Abstracts XML

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Potential of solar energy use and reducing greenhouse gases emissions in Ahvaz   Research Article
Evaluation of hematological and urine parameters in Hemiscorpius lepturus ( Gadim ) victims referred to health centre of Hendijan,sw Iran   Research Article
Determination of Fluoride in Sanandaj Drinking Water Resources   Research Article
Water bacteriological quality of cistern water in rural areas of Agh-ghala and Bandar Torkman, northeast Iran, 2008   Research Article
Identification and measurement of hospital waste materials and classification of them according to WHO criteria (Case Study: Amir-Al momenin Hospital and ShahidRajaee Polyclinic of Ahwaz)   Research Article
The Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment in Hasheminezhad Hospital:   Research Article
Study of Chemical, Physical and Microbial Quality of Gargar River, sw, Iran, Using NSF Water Quality Index   Research Article
Survey of the Burn Status of Self- Inflicted Female   Research Article