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A Study of Social and Economic Factors AffectingUnder-5 Children Mortality as in Rural Area of Ahwaz in 2009   Research Article
Ergonomic evaluation of exposure to musculoskeletal disorders risk factors by Quick Exposure Check (QEC) technique in a metal structure manufacturing factory   Research Article
Removal of Reactive Black 5 from Aqueouse solutionUsing Catalytic   Research Article
Study the frequency of intestinal parasitic infection in patients referred to central laboratory of Great Dezful hospital in 2010 and 2011   Research Article
Educational Intervention on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (K.A.P) on Girl Students (high school) in Baneh City about Iron Deficiency Anemia in 2008 -2009   Research Article
Comparing knowledge, attitude and nutritional performance and its relationship with body mass index (BMI) of first and fourth year Kashan university students (2009)   Research Article
Comparison of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Women toward Iron Deficiency Anemia and Consumption of Iron Supplements in Yazd and Orumiyeh-2011   Research Article
The Study of Personality, Cognitive, Organizational and Physical Variables as Predictors of Medical Errors in Ahvaz Hospitals as Training Centers for Nurses (2011)   Research Article