Jundishapur Journal of Health Sciences : 2014, Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr Abstracts XML

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Empirical Study of Noise Characteristics of Typical Centrifugal Fan Based on Special Quantities Using Sound Intensity Based Method   Research Article
A Study on Identification and Improvement of Anemia Using Effective Interventions   Research Article
Attitude toward Safety Issues as Predictor of Job Stress and its Dimensions among Employees   Research Article
Validation of Triaxial Accelerometer to Continuous Monitoring of Back Posture at Sagittal and Frontal Planes in Workplaces   Research Article
Systemic Accident Analysis Methods: A Comparison of Tripod-β, RCA and ECFC   Research Article
Health Service Quality: Comment on “How Outpatient Service Quality in Hospitals Affects Patients’ Loyalty?”   Research Article
The Effects of Education on Promoting Knowledge, Beliefs and Preventive Behaviors on Brucellosis among Women: Applying a Health Belief Model   Research Article
A Survey on Evaluating the Relation between Self-esteem and Quality of Life in Students of Health School Affiliated to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (2012)   Research Article