Jundishapur Journal of Health Sciences : 2016, Volume 8, Issue 3, Jul Abstracts XML

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An Overview on Production and Applications of Ferrate(VI)   Review Article
The Effect of De-Stress Training Program on the Stress of Mothers With Slow Paced Children   Research Article
Physical Activity Status Among Women Referred to Health Centers in Izeh, Iran   Research Article
Expanding Resilience Indicators: A Case Study on Buffering Capacity Indicator in a Process Plant   Research Article
A System Dynamics Model to Analyze Nitrate and Ammonia in Reservoirs and Lakes   Research Article
Comparing Two Training Methods on the Level of Delirium Awareness in Intensive Care Unit Nurses   Research Article
Nursing Errors in Intensive Care Unit by Human Error Identification in Systems Tool: A Case Study   Research Article
The Effects of Heat Stress on Job Satisfaction, Job Performance and Occupational Stress in Casting Workers   Research Article